(UPDATE) Sony Vegas PRO 10.0c

Sony Vegas PRO 10.0c is one of the special software for video and audio editing. Currently, Sony Vegas Pro is not a match for Adobe Premire, while Sony Vegas Pro is not as popular as Adobe Premire who supported so many plug-ins. But Sony Vegas Pro has many conveniences that are not owned by Adobe Premire. Sony Vegas Pro has an interface on the panel immediately appear on the screen and features Drag and Drop.
Can even use multiple monitors. Suppose you have 2 monitors, while a monitor is used for editing, while the other monitors can be used to display the video editing.
Below are some capabilities of Sony Vegas Pro:

Has an interface for editing more precision and ease. Simply drag and drop without having menyelurusi file to insert images or video files.
Sony Vegas Pro has an efficient interface. We tried Sony Vegas Pro software and was able to understand some of the interface of the program in a matter of hours.
Sony Vegas Pro also supports sound system 5.1 for recording, mix and others.
To edit a video DVD, Sony Vegas Pro users simply pull the files directly to DVD and deducted from Sony Vegas Pro software.
And many more features of Sony Vegas Pro. This software is weird, I really like this software, its ability is almost similar to adobe after effects, can directly burn to vcd.
Advanced Keyboard MappingVegas Pro 9 offers the ultimate flexibility to customize keyboard shortcuts for easy skill transfer from another application.
Project References in Rendered FilesWhen your Vegas project uses media That was rendered with an embedded project path reference, you cans Easily open the source project in the associated application if you need to edit the media later. For example, imagine That you have an audio file on the Vegas timeline That was rendered from an ACID project. In previewing your Vegas project, you discover That you accidentally rendered your ACID project with a critical track muted. You can simply right-click the event on the Vegas Pro timeline and choose Edit Source Project from the shortcut menu to reopen your ACID project, unmute the track, and then re-render it.
Window TrimmerUse the Trimmer window to select portions of a piece of media That cans be placed into events on tracks, and media subclips That Easily create reference portions of a media file.
JKL Scrub: Timeline and Keyboard TrimmingScan your project to Quickly find edit points using new tape-style scrubbing. Control playback of your project at varying speeds. Scrub using JKL / shuttle, keyboard commands, or external devices Such as the Contour A / V Solutions ShuttlePro (www.contourdesign.com).
Customizable User InterfaceVegas Pro 9 software has a clean and intuitive interface and uses familiar Windows keyboard commands. Windows XP theme support and interface color adjustments allow for a wide variety of customization That best suits your working style.
User-Definable Multiple Docking Window LayoutsDesign the Vegas editing environment to maximize productivity. Dock multiple windows and save up to ten layout configurations for single and dual monitor systems. Easily recall a customized window layout for a specific editing task, and instantly switch to new layouts During playback.
Customizable Keyboard MappingCustomize Vegas keyboard commands to fit your editing process. Create and edit new keyboard shortcuts, import a keyboard mapping scheme or save your current layout for use as a backup even share keyboard layouts with other Vegas users.
Media SubclipsUse the Trimmer window to create subclips That reference portions of a media file. Also cans Subclips be created directly Within the Vegas timeline. All subclips are added to the media pool and cans be Used like any other event in your Vegas project.
Real time A / V Event ReverseInstantly reverse audio and video events on the timeline Either as a locked A / V event group or as independent elements.
Effects Package FoldersQuickly recall frequently Used chains of effects in your Vegas project. Effects packages in Vegas Pro 9 software retain Their chain order and individual plug-in settings so you cans Quickly apply desired effects to media.
Additional Marker SupportVegas Pro 9 software Provides support for up to 99 numbered markers. The marker tool allows easy navigation Between adjacent markers and editing of multiple selected markers.
Network RenderingSpeed ​​up production time by rendering complex multimedia projects over networked computers. Vegas projects Divide That Into Smaller sections are distributed across multiple machines, and let Vegas software reassemble the pieces into a single rendered file. EACH copy of Vegas software comes with two additional render-only Installations.
Keyboard Trimming and Event ShufflingExpertly edit complex long-form projects using mouse or keyboard trimming, event shuffling, as well as advanced ripple editing modes.
Unlimited Undo / RedoVegas software allows an unlimited number of edits to be undone or restored. Quickly and Easily restore previous edits without needing to rework an entire Vegas pro

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