(Game PC)All Aspect Warfare

A tactical mission critical strike planetside go wrong. Shot down. Stranded. Missing. Left for dead. The only way of this rock is through a very powerful enemy. What else could possibly go wrong?
... Besides thermo-nuclear planet killer beats drop ship our previous launches.
The Terrans have been at war with Gammulan races over the years. In an effort to turn the tide of war and take the battle the enemy, Galactic Command, the body of the Terran army, launched an all out attack on homeworlds Gammulan.
Deployed in hostile territory far on the other side of the galaxy are known, GALCOM troops was greeted with repeated defeats and the loss is unprecedented. GALCOM other fleet deployed along with the bait, the GCV-Excalibur, carrying a weapon to destroy the surface of the orbit. The RANDOM (Random Access Destruction of Nuclear Material Obsolete) weapons, otherwise known as "planet killer". The weapons are only used once before.
After an intense battle, severely damaged GCV-Excalibur Gammulan managed to slip through the defense and try to land on the planet LV-115 Gammulan close. Involved with the planet surface is detected by Orbit For weapons, all but destroyed the plane crash landed on a hostile planet. But not before spreading a devastating weapon.
Severely damaged, ninety percent of the losses and the crew deployed and ticking RANDOM weapons, intense fighting occurred planetside who told the group that survived the four war veterans are stuck on a hostile planet, believed to be dead, hunted by the enemy and in a race against time to either find and disarm or down from the planet before it detonates. The problem is, the only way the planet is through overwhelming enemy forces. Gameplay Overview

Great. Open world. Mayhem.
Six classes of unique playable characters with different strengths, weaknesses and limitations.
For twenty-four guns the first of various types that range from pistols and sniper rifles to machine guns, rocket launchers and grenade range.
A variety of sophisticated supply items such as a cloaking device first person, shield enhancements, jammers and other sensors etc. deployable assets like weapons and rocket tower.
The ability to build a variety of game units such as vehicles, fighters, etc. based on experience, rank and other factors.
More than thirty playable units include vehicles, combat, fighter, transport, naval units, etc. All units are based on class. for example, Marines can not fly fighter or fighters, pilots do not have access to sophisticated weaponry, several Marines have jets etc. All units in multiplayer is supported by a versatile position (eg, driver, gunner, passenger).
Gamers are free to play all aspects based on their strengths. Not the first shooter / third-person fan and prefer the excitement of air combat? Then take a variety of air sudden attacks including escorts, SAD, SEAD and CAP missions while supporting ground troops. Not athletes aerial combat but rather the presence of a direct threat handheld weapons of mass destruction? Then you'll feel right at home with various weapons and toys including jet, laser target designators (so that air combat your friends can easily target id), etc.
Full squad command NPC team members with an intuitive command interface system.
Campaign involving storyline and some instant action missions
32-player support and multiplayer modes including deathmatch five PVT and team deathmatch as well as four player co-op on the aircraft Gammulan aggressive. Host and join games using a single instance or host a multiplayer dedicated server console and invite your friends.

Supports GSC lobby and voice chat. More information is available at http://getgsc.com/

64 players rank server with official statistics tracking, integrated lobby and more.
Fully integrated in-game document viewer with quick access to game commands, manual and tutorial documents.
Technology Overview

  •     Advanced SM 3.0 shader-based graphics engine with native support for 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 widescreen from standard 720p (1280 × 720) and 1080p (1920 × 1080) resolution up to 1680 × 1050. Supports a variety of climate zones, weather conditions, times twenty four hours a day variations of dynamic, realistic day / night lighting and atmospheric conditions as well as real world conditions and the effects of cloud layers. All are provided with beautiful full-Start High Dynamic lighting and Shader Model 3.0 shader effects range.
  •     Advanced physics and dynamics of aircraft engines for intelligent players who favor either the first / third, traffic or air combat. The plane feels and flies like a plane and cater specifically to athletes and fans of air combat. All with advanced radar systems and weapon delivery technologies designed to target identification and prosecution of day or night.
  •     Large seamless game world includes more than 400 square miles of various regions displaying high-definition digital elevation maps that look stunning at any altitude.
  •     Advanced planetary terrain engine that uses the definition of a high altitude region map. Unlike other similar products featuring high resolution maps at high altitude when you're ugly and blurry at low altitude, the latest technology we are pixel perfect until 2m/pixel to ground-zero (fps, vehicle) geomorphing play using advanced techniques while still looking brilliant in the media (fighter, warrior) to high (up to 20K feet fighters AGL) altitude.
  •     Client server network multiplayer with support for up to sixty-four players. Play modes including the traditional death match and team death match as well as co-op and a few others. Also has support for various in-game chat module third-party votes.


  •     Windows XP SP3, Vista SP1 or Win 7
  •     Intel Pentium 4 3.4GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 3.0GHz
  •     Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 or better recommended
  •     AMD X2 6000 + or better recommended
  •     1GB RAM (XP). 2GB (Vista, Win 7)
  •     256MB graphics card w / Shader Model 3.0 support. 512MB or higher recommended
  •         nVidia GeForce 7900. GeForce 8600 GTS or better recommended
  •         ATI Radeon X1300. Radeon HD2900 XT or better recommended
  •     DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card
  •     Multiplayer requires LAN or broadband connection
DRM The standard version uses SecuROM. Steam version uses SteamWorks CEG.  
MSRP $ 39.95  
Anticipated Release Date
Allegedly ESRB Rating
Teens w / violence descriptors
Category Games First / Third Person Shooter w / vehicles and air combat  

Target Demographic Air combat and gamers the first person / third-shooters, ages 13 and older.

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