(Game PC) Insane 4x4

Insane 4x4
Language : English | PC Game | Action | 109 MB

Insane is the only 4x4 racing game to date that truly offers a sense of the freedom and the chaos, found in real-life off-road racing. Although the Monster Truck series and other similar games have been successful in conveying certain aspects of the off-road experience, they have failed to truly deliver a sense of exploration. Instead, these games keep you on a direct route to a checkpoint or a finish line with little freedom to find alternate routes.

INSANE 4X4 Developed by Hungary-based Invictus, Insane offers a wide array of features to complement the off-road racing experience. One of the more intriguing features is the jamboree mode where you must race to multiple checkpoints and place first as many times as possible in order to win the race. This may sound easy enough, but in fact, the jamboree mode requires a surprising degree of strategy.

Insane includes a number of other modes that require the same line of thinking but with added twists. In keep the flag mode, a flag is placed near the starting line of a track and after the signal is given, you must quickly race to pick up the flag and drive to the first checkpoint. Strategy is also important here - you need to find safe routes to each checkpoint or risk serious damage to your car, which in turn could give your opponents an opportunity to seize the flag and continue with the race. Of course, if you lose the flag to an opposing car, your strategy may change entirely as you frantically race to regain the stolen item.

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