BioShock 2 PC Games

BioShock 2
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Features of game BioShock 2 :

• the Weapon and superabilities. At the heart of game gene updatings still lie, only now you can concentrate in the hands still the big force. fire-arms simultaneously to erase enemies in a powder!
• Ruin and greatness. The grandiose underwater city familiar on original game, has changed. Ocean water has properly worked over it, the dome has sprung a leak, and some areas completely have left under water. Travel on majestic ruins becomes one of the brightest adventures in your life.
• In a leading role - the Big Daddy. One of the most terrible inhabitants of Delight now in your power. In the first part you not unreasonably were afraid of Daddies and ingenuities worked hard also to cope with them. Now you - one of them.
• the Delight Past. Collective fights will transfer you to that epoch when the Delight was still live and prospered. You become the participant of genetic experiments and can battle for the control over some areas of an underwater megacity.
• Struggle for evolution. With other players you make hit in fights, necessary for reception of the new weapon

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